[CORE-13861] SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED after installing Nvidia display drivers Created: 2017-10-02  Updated: 2018-01-03

Status: Untriaged
Project: Core ReactOS
Component/s: Drivers
Fix Version/s: None

Type: Bug Priority: Major
Reporter: A_S Assignee: Bug Zilla
Resolution: Unresolved Votes: 0
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Hardware: Intel i5 760, video card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580, mother board Asus P7P55D, hwprobe: https://linux-hardware.org/index.php?probe=b6f44e83ee
ReactOS r75965 (unofficial build by Vadim Galyant)

Attachments: JPEG File SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED_r75965.jpg     Text File gtx580_install_reactos_0.4.7_RC3-vgal.log    
Module: win32ss


I test unofficial build r75965 by Vadim Galyant.
After installing latest nVidia drivers for WinXP by new hardware wizard and reboot I get BSoD with code 7E.

Comment by hbelusca [ 2017-10-02 ]

Cc vgal

Comment by vgal [ 2017-10-02 ]

Good joke

Comment by A_S [ 2017-10-03 ]

Please CC right developers. I think vgal do not change win32ss files. So, this is upstream bug.

Comment by Smiley [ 2017-10-03 ]

It is preferred to test with official builds when possible.

Comment by vgal [ 2017-10-03 ]

On computers with Intel (P|H)55 (and more modern), a test with official builds is not possible.

Comment by A_S [ 2018-01-03 ]

Retest with Vgals's 0.4.7_RC3.I don't get BSoD and driver returns to standart after reboot. I guess it is not instaled complitelly now. Log gtx580_install_reactos_0.4.7_RC3-vgal.log contains some errors:

    108.081 |    DEBUG: [DisplayCoInst.DevWizardFinishInstall] 857@CDevWizardFinishInstall::FindSetupInstaller : Checking for SETUP.EXE in parent directory tree of C:\reactos\inf\. 
    108.097 |    DEBUG: [DisplayCoInst.DevWizardFinishInstall] 869@CDevWizardFinishInstall::FindSetupInstaller : SETUP.EXE not found. 
    108.134 |    DEBUG: [DisplayCoInst.DevWizardFinishInstall] 782@CDevWizardFinishInstall::GetViableDriverPackageSource : INF reported source path: C:\reactos\inf\. 
    108.149 |    DEBUG: [DisplayCoInst.DevWizardFinishInstall] 784@CDevWizardFinishInstall::GetViableDriverPackageSource : Driver Store INF: . 
    108.161 |    DEBUG: [DisplayCoInst.DevWizardFinishInstall] 786@CDevWizardFinishInstall::GetViableDriverPackageSource : Recorded source INF: . 
    108.174 |    DEBUG: [DisplayCoInst.DevWizardFinishInstall] 794@CDevWizardFinishInstall::GetViableDriverPackageSource : CPL Installer Cache: C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\CPLInstallerCache. 
    108.192 |    ERROR: [DisplayCoInst.DevWizardFinishInstall] 820@CDevWizardFinishInstall::GetViableDriverPackageSource : Cannot find viable driver source location for C:\reactos\inf\oem0.inf. 
    108.209 |    ERROR: [DisplayCoInst.DevWizardFinishInstall] 79@CDevWizardFinishInstall::BeforeOperation : Exception Exception {0x80070003 - ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND - The system cannot find the path specified.} thrown, removing driver from device(s) and system. 
fixme:(../dll/win32/setupapi/devinst.c:4622) Unknown FlagsEx: 0x00000080

P.S.: I know this build is still unofficial, but some help will be cool

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