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[DOWNLOAD PAGE] Additional information for newbies


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      Currently the Download page of ReactOS website does not have any kind of information concerning the OS' usability, compatibility and stability leading to users thinking ReactOS is already stable and fully polished enough for daily activity and basic needs.

      Therefore people would simply download ReactOS without, however, considering the critical factor that ReactOS is in Alpha and its risks of using it, be it in a real hardware with an already existing OS. This leads to laymen getting disappointed, or even worse, developing a great disrupt about ReactOS claiming it is a garbage Operating System.

      Nowadays most of low-end users expect things working up to the table and they follow a state of mind that "I install the X thing, I want this X thing to work". In ReactOS' case, as long as no warning sign or critical information is given of what you can do and cannot do with ReactOS, they'd simply expect the OS as being completely stable and that is not their fault but ours because we haven't told them the current state of ReactOS. Despite of "even if we're just Alpha" statement in the main page, it gives little to no information because the said statement doesn't tell what "Alpha" means to an average Joe.

      Therefore I'd invite the responsible maintainers of the website (and/or developers as well), discussing about this issue and finding a viable, concise and proper statement for the Download page, telling the ReactOS current state in a understandable manner for laymen such as for example...

      "ReactOS is in Alpha state, which means it is not feature complete, nor fully stable and usable for basic needs and daily activity. Therefore do not install ReactOS in an important hardware that contains sensitive data as it can corrupt the whole existing Operating System due to major technical OS bugs still existing in ReactOS. You can install it in a virtual machine instead or do backups first before you attempt to try it in a real hardware."

      Any recommended text is appreciated. I'd be eager to hear your ideas!

      The focal point of this discussion has been brought there (for further information, please check the thread) - https://www.reactos.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=16655




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