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install problem - keyboard doesn't work through my USB KVM switch



    • Type: Bug
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    • Fix Version/s: 0.4.13
    • Component/s: Drivers: USB
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      I have a 4-port USB KVM switch. It's marked MT-ViK1 and apparently is a pretty generic piece of hardware, but it's worked well for me so far. I have 3 computers hooked up to it and have installed Debian 8 on all of them through this switch.

      When I use the ROS bootcd to install to a desktop, at the prompt to select English as a language, I can't proceed, unless I hook the keyboard directly into the PC.

      This issue was discussed yesterday on IRC, and per the suggestions, I've downloaded the debug bootcd, copied the files to a rw directory, and edited this section of txtsetup.sif to create a debug.log file to send to the developers:

      DefaultPath = \ReactOS
      OsLoadOptions = "/NOGUIBOOT /NODEBUG"
      DbgOsLoadOptions = "/SOS /DEBUGPORT=FILE:\Device\Harddisk0\Partition1\debug.log"
      ;DbgOsLoadOptions = "/NOGUIBOOT /DEBUGPORT=BOCHS"

      I then remastered the bootcd using this command:
      genisoimage -b loader/isoboot.bin -no-emul-boot -o aaboot.iso debugiso

      I remastered several copies, using different variations of the NT path shown above, and none of them have produced c:\debug.log yet. (I used them on the desktop, and also in a VirtualBox VM).

      I've spent a lot of time on this and don't know what to try next. If someone would send me a modified version of txtsetup.pif that will definitely work, I will try again and send the debug log.




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