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After skipped IopVerifyDiskSignature() call, 'Signature' is used as an uninitialized variable



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      (with reference to revision 73546)
      (sanity/auditing functionality of probable low priority)
      (Apparently the compiler(s) are not catching this one...)
      (appears only applicable to startup process, though I don't think this is actually 'bootloader' code perse though think only accessed at boot time)
      (not actually observed to happen, only from from examination while searching for other issue, but think this holds true)

      in ntoskrnl/io/iomgr/arcname.c:r73546, involving code in lines 702:803, questionable code flow exists from if condition around line 702 to else-if around line 797.

      Appears could have 'truth' of (this partial) condition in 'if()'
      // (((SingleDisk && DiskCount == 1)
      // && !(DriveLayout->PartitionStyle == PARTITION_STYLE_MBR))
      (note I added the '!' for reading of situation leading to line 797) in which case the 'Signature' value would NOT have been init'd by a call to IopVerifyDiskSignature() for the particular disk/partition being checked, and thus the audit check itself would be using an unknown/unrelated value, possibly either failing to report or incorrectly reporting, depending on circumstances of particular instance.

      I have no idea whether or not such a set of circumstances actually exists in the real world.




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