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ReactOS freezes after installing Vinyl AC'97 Codec Combo Driver and trying to reboot




      The driver installs succesfully, but after trying to reboot the system she freezes. And after twice manual rebooting there is no sound. But devmgr writes that the driver works normally. Sound properties detects the device too and volume slider works.
      I was interested in the following lines:

      /(ntoskrnl/ex/sysinfo.c:825) Process B434A020 (audiosrv.exe:00000590) is a zombie
      (ntoskrnl/ex/sysinfo.c:825) Process B434A020 (audiosrv.exe:00000590) is a zombie/ code placeholder


      /(ntoskrnl/po/poshtdwn.c:259) smss.exe is still RUNNING (0000005C)
      (ntoskrnl/po/poshtdwn.c:259) csrss.exe is still RUNNING (0000008C)
      (ntoskrnl/po/poshtdwn.c:259) winlogon.exe is still RUNNING (000000AC)/ code placeholder

      But killing audiosrv.exe before reboot didn't helps for me.
      My sound card is VIA 8235 and sound chip is Analog Devices AD1980.
      In taskmgr is no third-party (non-system) processes running at that moment except ATI Catalyst driver service, but he doesn't hang the system without audio driver installed, so problem is not in him.
      I've tested it with a revision reactos-bootcd-0.4.8-dev-231-g53d3f00-x86-gcc-lin-dbg.7z from 20171126 at 14:01.


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