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Regression: 1C: Enterprise 8.2 Educational Edititon can't launch anymore due to "not enough memory" error




      Program installs correctly, but when I try to launch her by clicking on the desktop link or from the installer and then try to run 1C: Enterprise from the start window, I've got an "not enough memory" error. In 0.4.5 release 1C: Enterprise (main program) works fine. But in the newer releases and trunk it doesn't work. In Wine 2.21 Staging it works perfectly too. 1C: Configurator works normally at this moment in build 20171207-0.4.8-dev-263-g6fe9441.GNU_4.7.2. This error may be also present in Windows, but writing needed options in freeldr.ini from this solve: https://infostart.ru/public/147631/ doesn't helps for me.
      Maybe MM regression?


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