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ReactOS freezing on startup in non-debug mode.



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      This is after I installed VMWare tools. I also used the shared folder in "My Network Places". The freeze only occurs in a regular mode bootup. I have upgraded this virtual machine, but this was happening before then. ReactOS freezes on the logo screen in non-debug mode. However, if I enable debug mode, ReactOS boots up just fine. Attached is the debug log. It notably contains spam of "WARNING:  PoStartNextPowerIrp at ntoskrnl/po/power.c:621 is UNIMPLEMENTED!"


      Also, one other thing I did was attempt to run "CHIPS.EXE", a non-real-mode Windows 3.1 program that for some reason starts NTVDM, then slows the system to a crawl so slow that I often just power off the virtual machine. Though I doubt that is the cause of this, if I remember correctly, it happens even if I don't do that. Though that still doesn't explain why debug mode boots up just fine. Using 0.4.8 dev-958, upgraded from 0.4.8 dev-947.


      EDIT: Afterward, it did go to desktop, after the usual lag at the hardware wizard that seems to sometimes freeze the system, and sometimes not freeze the system. But it froze afterward on the ctrl + alt + del screen. The mouse integration was buggy as hell, and it seems VMWare was unaware the mouse integration was still active. I have a new debug log now.


      Sorry for editing so much, but I want to give as much information as possible.


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