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Bochs 2.6.8 the "Display"-window should vanish immediately when "Kill simulation" is pressed, but it remains as a zombie until right-click to taskbar



    • Type: Bug
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    • Fix Version/s: 0.4.15
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      ros 0.4.8-RC-14-g10b06f1 gcc dbg.
      Bochs 2.6.8 from rapps.

      Bochs improved massively lately, but there is still a minor glitch left.
      (This is a follow-up-ticket of the two resolved tickets CORE-13628 & CORE-13629)

      Bochs has 2 main Windows: the "console"-window and the "Display"-window.
      The "Display window" has a speciality that it may be covered by a modal messagebox when the emulator "Panics".

      Reproduction steps:
      -Open Bochs
      -and start a simulation without configuring anything
      -The simulation will give a modal "Panic box" soon (that is modal to the "Display window")

      Expected result:
      -As soon as you click "Kill simulation" in the panic box, the "Display"-window should vanish immediately

      Observed result:
      -The "Display"-window does not vanish immediately but is deactivated and is in a "zombie"-state where it can not longer be activated by clicking to it.
      -It will automatically close as soon as you right-click the "Display"-windows tile in taskbar though (without selecting anything). It's as if WIN32SS realizes then that the Window does not really exist anymore.

      I am pretty sure it is related to the modality of the panic box somehow.


      jimtabor noted before that this misbehavior maybe timing dependant, however I can make it happen reliably here on VBox4.3.40.


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