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BosWars 2.6.1 fullscreen explorer notification area flashes through (this is even in current state an unexpected improvement in fullscreen)



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      0.4.8-RC-14-g10b06f1 gcc dbg.
      BosWars 2.6.1 from rapps.
      VBox 4.3.40 without additions. VBEMP was used. No RAPPS but inbuilt Mesa.

      First the goodnews:
      We have an unexpected improvement for fullscreen in this app. In 0.4.7rls the taskbar was never in background. Now in 0.4.8-RC-14-g10b06f1 the taskbar is properly in background after a second.
      Compare: 0.4.7rls.webm vs 0.4.8-RC-14-g10b06f1.webm
      Does anyone have an idea which commit might have improved that? I think this is interesting to know, because we did never aim to fix that afaik.

      Now the subtle remaining problem:
      the icons in the taskbar notification area do still flash through sometimes when they update. see 0.4.8-RC-14-g10b06f1.webm , 0.4.8-RC-14-g10b06f1.log.

      Reproduction steps:
      -set desktop resolution to 800x600 32bit depth.
      -start the game (it will startup windowed) and in options menu switch to fullscreen (leave 800x600)
      -exit the game
      -(here do both of my videos start)
      -restart the game

      Expected result:
      -the icons in the notification area shall never flash through

      Observed result:
      -the icons in the notification area flash through now and then




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