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Consider adding a help section during (hd)install of the MBR



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      There is a stage for ReactOS installation that goes like this:


      "Setup is installing the boot loader"


      Then four options exist:


      "Install bootloader on the harddisk (MBR and VBR)"

      "Install bootloader on the harddisk (VBR) only)"

      "Install bootloader on a floppy disc."

      "Skip install bootloader."


      I have two suggestions to make; not sure if you guys want to have that but I'll make the sugegstions anyway.

      First, the smaller suggestion:

      • My laptop does not have any floppy drive, so perhaps the option "install bootloader on a floppy disk" should be disabled for such devices. Not sure if there is a trivial check to find out whether a floppy disc exists, but to me personally it is useless in both ways. I don't use floppy discs since a long time, but I do not even HAVE any floppy disks nor floppies to make use of that. I use everything via external HDDs, USB sticks and DVD discs.

      Anyway, the second, more important suggestion:

      • I am not entirely sure what the differences are between the first two options (MBR and BR yes/no), so I would appreciate a HELP option during installation. Right now only two keys are notified here, ENTER for Continue and F3 for QUIT. I suggest something like F10 to also show some help, perhaps as a "pop-up" or something like that, that briefly, in one or two sentences, explains to the user what the differences are between the first two options there. Since I do not really know, I just selected the first option and continued with the installation; no real clue if this is right or wrong.

      Thanks for reading!




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