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ACPI/PNP Resource Assignment is broken



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      Some devices get multiple IRQs and DMAs assigned when install in ACPI-mode.
      I suspect problems also in standard-hal if the broken routines are called there too (I don't know), but this could not be confirmed yet.

      ^Update 2019: My HP Pavillion dv6500 has duplicate IRQs even in Standard-Hal CORE-12731

      Diagnosed with Everest (version 4.20.1248), as our devmngr does not yet list by resources.

      This appears to be a major bug and may be the root cause for a lot of other issues.
      I recommend everyone to check the resource assignment in case of driver bugs or other strange issues.

      List of known occurrences:
      CORE-6328: Mouse works in standard but not in acpi mode, gets IRQ 03 and 12, see Ss there.
      CORE-9355: Uniata gets IRQ 01 together with kbrd, case of vanishing HDD in usetup.
      CORE-10149: PS/2 gets IRQ3 together with COM2 (that reports Code12 in devmngr), and also IRQ12
      This is why I suspect it to also be valid for standard-hal. Observed some correlation with kbrd inputs there. Screenshot follow as soon as saving in paint works again

      CORE-6872: USB-Init with vgals (nov. built) version worked in standard, but not in acpi.
      Todo: retest with a more current built


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