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TuneUp Utilites 2014 can't start main application



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      Download link: https://files.downloadnow.com/s/software/13/80/39/82/TuneUpUtilities2014_en-US.exe?token=1529478829_3b28e81c56bc38ccfff54f3f4dbfe014&fileName=TuneUpUtilities2014_en-US.exe

      After trying to launch the main application (TuneUp Utilites 2014 desktop lnk, not 1-Click Maintenance), its process uses 100% of CPU ~30 seconds, and after this, in normal boot mode it doesn't start, in debug it starts, but there appears an error anyway that the service is not started. If click "Cancel", the main app closes too. If click "Start service", the process uses 100% CPU ~30 seconds again and after this, the program proposes to restart the system for fixing a problem. But after rebooting ReactOS, by program or manually, the problem does not disappear. Although the TuneUp.UtilitesSvc and TuneUpUtilitesDrv works correctly.

      I see many spam in the log like this:

      (../../ntoskrnl/mm/ARM3/procsup.c:409) Thread wants too much stack
      (../../win32ss/user/ntuser/callback.c:748) err: Failure to make Callback! Status 0xc00000fd

      and this:

      (../../win32ss/gdi/gdi32/wine/rosglue.c:1262) Trying to delete METADC 00000000

      and something else:

      (../../sdk/lib/rtl/heap.c:2851) Realloc in place failed, but it was the only option

      (../../ntoskrnl/io/iomgr/driver.c:1336) No DriverUnload function! '\Driver\TuneUpUtilitiesDrv' will not be unloaded!

      Tested with e4f0670 (0.4.10-dev-231).


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