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Regression: BSOD 0x50 with AC97 VBox driver installed and portcls.sys replaced




      It present in ROS probably since c73c4f0 (0.4.10-dev-293) (commit [c73c4f0cb3a4695b3f418a2a58720f4e8234ecae|https://github.com/reactos/reactos/commit/c73c4f0cb3a4695b3f418a2a58720f4e8234ecae]), but I can't test that build because there is another BSOD at 2nd setup stage up to ae9e9ea (305), 306 build is absent at all on iso.reactos.org. So I tested it with 82351bc (307) gcc-lin-dbg, and yes, this issue is still present there.

      I reproduced this bug in two cases:
      1) download AC97 driver via Rapps and extract it to %SystemRoot%,
      install it via Device Manager (with twice reboot),
      then place portcls.sys from XP to %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers with overriding ReactOS's driver
      and finally reboot, BSOD appears at next boot, see debug_82351bc_replacing_after_installing.log.
      2) replace portcls,
      then download AC97 driver via Rapps, extract it
      and finally try to install it via Device Manager. Now you get the similar BSOD during driver installation, but caused by driver pci.sys, see debug_82351bc_installing_after_replacing.log.

      In 2afb483 (292) it's absent, and OS works correctly with AC97 VBox driver and portcls.sys from XP.


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        5. debug_82351bc_installing_after_replacing.log
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        6. debug_82351bc_replacing_after_installing.log
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