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Acid Music Studio 10.0 build 108 causes multiple assertions during using




      How to reproduce:

      1. Install Net Framework 2.0 from Rapps.
      2. Reboot.
      3. Download the program here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LPS4nVjxO9KFQVzw6y6-kZ2SgZegl4Nw
      4. Install it in Windows 7 compatibility mode.
      5. Reboot again to save the registry settings.
      6. Launch Acid Music Studio from the desktop or start menu.
      7. Select "Run the trial version of Acid Music Studio 10.0" and click "Next".
      8. Select "Register online" and click "Next" again.
      9. Type your personal data: name, surname, email and select your country (it's all may be random), other fields are optional.
      10. Finally click "OK" and wait while a trial license will be registered.
      11. Click "OK" again after successful registration in white dialog.
      12. After this, the program launchs automatically. After launching, it will try to open the first sample, and then second. After opening the second sample, the system immediately hangs with assertion in sdk/lib/rtl/heap.c:

        *** Assertion failed: (LastEntry + LastEntry->Size) == FirstEntry
        *** Source File: ../../sdk/lib/rtl/heap.c, line 678

        When I tried to ignore it, appears the similar assertion, but with another line:

        *** Assertion failed: LastEntry->Size != 0
        *** Source File: ../../sdk/lib/rtl/heap.c, line 675

        After breaking once, the system continues working, and the program crashes and appears program's error reporter. If to close it without sending error report, it closes, and system works correctly again. If try to send error report, appears another assertion (after the first ignoring):

        *** Assertion failed: FreeEntry->PreviousSize == CurrentEntry->Size
        *** Source File: ../../sdk/lib/rtl/heap.c, line 995

        Also there are many different assertions after an attempts to launch music studio (they appears random):

        *** Assertion failed: FreeEntry->Size < HEAP_FREELISTS
        *** Source File: ../../sdk/lib/rtl/heap.c, line 235


          • Assertion failed: Heap->u.FreeListsInUseBytes[Index] & Bit
          • Source File: ../../sdk/lib/rtl/heap.c, line 242and other.
            Tested with 0d13bb1 (0.4.10-dev-544).
            P.S.: also assertion appears after trying to close the program.


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