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ReactOS does not start when Video Buffer is 1 MB



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      I have a Dell Optiplex GX270 with onboard video.


      ReactOS 0.4.9 (Build 20180712-0.4.9-release-0-ga920a96) (Commit a920a9672c5768c66714789a52af0a8255cb5161)

      The Video Buffer can be toggled between 1 MB and 8 MB. When set to 1 MB ReactOS fails to

      start but runs fine when set to 8 MB

      VGA compatible controller
      product: 82865G Integrated Graphics Controller

      vendor: Intel Corporation
      physical id: 2
       bus info: pci@0000:00:02.0
      version: 02
      width: 32 bits
      clock: 33MHz
      capabilities: pm vga_controller bus_master cap_list rom

      resources: irq:16 memory:f0000000-f7ffffff memory:feb80000-febfffff ioport:ed98(size=8) memory:c0000-dffff

      1) Information

      • Using install cd
      • ReactOS 0.4.9 (Build 20180712-0.4.9-release-0-ga920a96) (Commit a920a9672c5768c66714789a52af0a8255cb5161)
      • There is no BSOD. ReactOS 1st stage text based install works and after restarting, the boot menu appears.
        After selecting the type of startup, ReactOS(DEBUG), ReactOS(SCREEN), ect... the splash screen comes up and the progress bar
        advances all the way to the right. When one expects the graphical installer to appear, the monitor flickers and the OS hangs.

      2) Debug Log
      I selected screen mode and waited for reactos to hang to issue the bt command. Unfortunately nothing extra was generated by issuing that command.
      I attempted this several times and even waited about 10 minutes to make sure that the OS wasn't in the middle of something.

      I then rebooted and entered the Debug screen and issued the command when it hung. This did produce output on the serial port.
      Serial debug log with backtrace included.


      To get detailed information on the gx270, I booted it with lubuntu 18.04 32 bit and ran several commands. Attached are the results of each command.

      Booting in VGA mode produced a similar result. Attached is a debug log in VGA mode.


      I want to add that with the video buffer set to 1 MB in the BIOS I can run Ubuntu 18.04 32bit version and I can install and run Windows XP Professional with SP2. 





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