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Wlanconf can't connect to wi-fi networks via Dlink DWA-525 Rev A2 (Ralink 2860) PCI wireless network adapter



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    • Drivers: Other, Networking
    • reactos-bootcd-0.4.11-dev-724-gd8a4e0a-x86-gcc-lin-dbg, x86 real hardware.


      Used driver: http://ftp.dlink.ru/pub/Wireless/DWA-525/Drivers/1.23/20141224_DWA-525_v1.23S0037.zip


      1. Unzip the archive.
      2. Go to \20141224_DWA-525_v1.23S0037\Drivers\WinXPx86_Win2K\ folder.
      3. Copy Drt2860.cat to %SystemRoot%\system32\CatRoot\, Drt2860.inf to %SystemRoot%\inf\, DRT2860.sys to %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\, RaCoInst.dat and RaCoInst.dll to %SystemRoot%\system32\ directories accordingly.
      4. Open Device Manager and select "Network Controller" from device list. Install the driver by selecting automatic installation. It will install the driver previously copied in step 3.
      5. Finally reboot the system.

      After installing the driver and reboot, I tried to connect to my wi-fi network. After typing wlanconf -s in Command Prompt, it finds environing networks correctly, but when trying to connect via wlanconf -c <SSID> -w <WEP_KEY>, I get two errors. The first error is ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER, it appears in case if wep key is less than twelve characters. Second error - ERROR_NOT_READY, appears if wep key has twelve or more characters.

      I find some lines in debug log which probably indicates a problem:

      (rk/ndisuio/createclose.c:23) Created file object 0xb1963df8
      (rk/ndisuio/ioctl.c:22) Wait for bind complete
      (rk/ndisuio/ioctl.c:63) Query binding for index 0 is adapter \Device\{16101337-9e50-4e7b-be04-f2b63978920c}
      (rk/ndisuio/ioctl.c:314) Binding file object 0xb1963df8 to device \Device\{16101337-9e50-4e7b-be04-f2b63978920c}
      (rk/ndisuio/ioctl.c:248) Querying OID 0x10202 on adapter \Device\{16101337-9e50-4e7b-be04-f2b63978920c}
      (rk/ndisuio/ioctl.c:277) Final request status: 0x0 (8)
      (rk/ndisuio/ioctl.c:174) Setting OID 0xd010108 on adapter \Device\{16101337-9e50-4e7b-be04-f2b63978920c}
      (rk/ndisuio/ioctl.c:203) Final request status: 0x0 (8)
      (rk/ndisuio/ioctl.c:174) Setting OID 0xd010118 on adapter \Device\{16101337-9e50-4e7b-be04-f2b63978920c}
      (rk/ndisuio/ioctl.c:203) Final request status: 0x0 (8)
      (rk/ndisuio/ioctl.c:174) Setting OID 0xd010113 on adapter \Device\{16101337-9e50-4e7b-be04-f2b63978920c}
      (rk/ndisuio/ioctl.c:203) Final request status: 0xc0010015 (0)

      Looks like a problem in ndisuio.sys driver.

      Tested on a PC with Asus A7V8X-X motherboard and wlan adapter connected.


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