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ReactOS explorer hangs after ejecting USB stick via context menu




      Tested with ROS 0.4.12 RC20 on my test HP Compaq 8510p , but I remember this to be an issue for previous releases as well:

      • Boot ROS with USB stick not attached.
      • Then insert USB stick ("USB flash disk", _USBSTOR, not a brand USB stick).
      • USB stick is shown in explorer as expected. Click on USB stick to show content. Still works.
      • Now, there is no "Safe remove" symbol in the taskbar (Shouldn't it be there since 0.4.8?), but in the explorer's context menu of the USB drive, there is an Eject option. Click on it.

      Result: The explorer becomes unresponsive, but not taking any CPU time according to the task manager. If you try to close the explorer window or close it via task manager, this will not work. Trying to open new exporer windows will eventually make the whole OS unresponsive, so the only option is to shutdown the system while still being able to do so. Shutdown may either also fail or will take a very long time (2-3 minutes).

      I was able to check the debug.log after the eject (because I had an explorer showing the file already prepared before I did the eject in a second explorer window). The attached screenshots hopefully show the relevant final part of the log. (I could not copy the files to the USB stick for obvious reasons.)

      P.S: Tested another USB stick (Intenso Rainbow Line) and had the same issues.




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