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MS Marlett font looks some wrong in ReactOS



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      VirtualBox 5.2.26.


      MS Marlett font looks some wrong in ReactOS. In particular, there are broken close buttons on all windows. Also all checkboxes and radio buttons have a wrong shape: check marks in checkboxes are too small and radio buttons have an ellipse instead of a circle. Besides that, the check marks and arrows in (context/dropdown/menubar/) menus are also affected: they are some blurred.

      For reproducing this, simply delete Marlett.ttf in Recycle Bin from %SystemRoot%\Fonts, place there MS marlett.ttf and reboot ReactOS. All described sympthoms will became visible after next boot.

      Tested with the latest 0.4.13-dev-699-gb8383b4, which already has renewed Marlett font.


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