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Unhandled kernel exception when booting on Xbox with patched ACPI HAL



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      XQEMU (Xbox emulator)


      When booting ReactOS with patched ACPI HAL in the XQEMU, an unhandled exception happens in kernel:

      (ntoskrnl/ps/thread.c:119) PS: Unhandled Kernel Mode Exception Pointers = 0xFE63D1D8
      (ntoskrnl/ps/thread.c:126) Code c0000005 Addr 8225A823 Info0 00000000 Info1 00000000 Info2 00000000 Info3 00000000

      It happens at address 8225A823, and according to the debug log, 821D7000 is the base address of ntoskrnl.exe, so we can write the address like <ntoskrnl.exe:83823>.

      Using log2lines it translates into:

      <ntoskrnl.exe:83823 (ntoskrnl/io/pnpmgr/pnpres.c:1179 (IopDetectResourceConflict))>

      I navigated into the according source line and added a simple check:

      diff --git a/ntoskrnl/io/pnpmgr/pnpres.c b/ntoskrnl/io/pnpmgr/pnpres.c
      index ef77e7f879..ebbedc69e7 100644
      --- a/ntoskrnl/io/pnpmgr/pnpres.c
      +++ b/ntoskrnl/io/pnpmgr/pnpres.c
      @@ -1176,6 +1176,8 @@ IopCheckForResourceConflict(
          ULONG i, ii;
          BOOLEAN Result = FALSE;
      +   if (!ResourceList1) goto ByeBye;
          for (i = 0; i < ResourceList1->Count; i++)
             PCM_PARTIAL_RESOURCE_LIST ResList = &ResourceList1->List[i].PartialResourceList;

      It helped to reach "almost desktop" state.

      ThFabba and extravert34 you are the guys who ever touched PnP manager code, so here I'm asking for ideas. Should I just open a Pull Request regarding it, or you will handle it?

       Feel free to ask for additional debugging here. I used the same install technique which described in CORE-16222, but with ACPI HAL + Xbox PCI blacklist code (I just uncommented #ifdef SARCH_XBOX).


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