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Explorer Scroll Bars Flash on for Fraction of Second & Disappear on First Open



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      This is the final unfixed symptom discussed in CORE-15429. Whenever Explorer is first opened the bottom scroll bars flash on for a fraction of a second and then disappear. The guilty revision for this being introduced is actually R75735 (Guilty Revision) by jimtabor and DarkShadow44. With the patch attached winpos_c.patch which reverts most of R75735, the flashing disappears, but the test programs referenced in CORE-3998 fail to show their ellipses. Maybe someone can find a solution that keeps the scroll bar from flashing on but still allows the ellipse programs to work. I have attached debug logs for the last good commit (R75734) and the guilty commit that caused the problem. Hopefully this will allow us to close CORE-15429. Note that I was not even able to detect the flash on my Intel Core i7 CPU running at 2.8 GHz using VMware Player 12.00.00. I had to create a test box on an older Pentium 4 running at 1.8 GHz running Virtual Box to detect the flashing, so the effect can be very subtle. Thanks.



        1. 0.4.13-RC-21-g09d3029_rosExplorer_on_ros_Affected.webm
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        2. 2k3sp2_statement_could_be_right.webm
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        3. debug_bad_75735.txt
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        4. debug_good_75734.txt
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        5. final_listview.patch
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        6. HSCROLL.mkv
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        7. listview_new_c.patch
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        8. new _listview.patch
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        9. new_scroll_log..txt
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        10. ReactOS_Slow_Down.png
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        11. rosExplorerExe_run_on_2k3sp2_withSymbolsView.webm
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        12. rosExplorerExe_run_on_2k3sp2.webm
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        13. rshell.dll
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        14. scroll log.txt
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        15. slo-mo.mkv
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        16. winpos_c_2.patch
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        17. winpos_c_3.patch
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        18. winpos_c.patch
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        19. xpsp3_sameWithoutGrouping.webm
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        20. xpsp3_statement_wrong.webm
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