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OS freeze/deadlock when hitting Alt+Tab right when Mozilla Firefox 3.6.28 started up



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      0.4.13-RC-40-g63f46f3 gcc dbg lin

      Reproduction steps

      • have 1 arbitrary app running in background, e.g: explorer filebrowser
      • Start Firefox main app and right when it shows its GUI try to switch foreground app via hitting Alt+Tab multiple times

      I just tried to reproduce CORE-14129 with "Mozilla Firefox 3.6.28" from rapps.
      (In my earlier tests I could only ever repro CORE-14129 with FF28 or FF48.0.2, but up to now I never saw it with the older Firefox 3.6.28.

      When I tried it today with FF3.6.28 + 0.4.13-RC-40-g63f46f3 gcc dbg lin, I got no BSOD 0x1E like in CORE-14129, but instead:

      • the system totally froze, I could not even move the mouse pointer anymore, but the OS did not break into debugger yet, it was like some kind of endless loop or mutex deadlock situation
      • I waited a bit, and then broke into debugger intentionally and took backtrace, then continued, and repeated that multiple times, the resolved callstack looks always the same

      I decided to create a fresh ticket instead of adding more noise to the other one with a different callstack.
      If you are sure, that both are the same issue, then feel free to resolve as duplicate.
      Otherwise I hope, that you can learn a bit more from this slightly different log here.


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