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Regression: Spotify from Rapps does no longer start



    • Bug
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Major
    • 0.4.15
    • Win32SS
    • VirtualBox 5.1.38, clean installation.


      For reproducing this, simply download Spotify from Rapps. It will install automatically after downloading.
      It can be reproduced as after automatic start after installation or autorun with the system startup, same after manual opening by double-clicking on the exe or lnk.

      Up to 0.4.14-dev-598-g0785633649d7f1cf333cc42bb18d078ac67f55bc it starts successfully without any issues.

      Since 0.4.14-dev-599-g2d4d3f5fce0c875d3e714c51de16dfb0cd0a9cd3 it does no longer start. After launching, the app window doesn't appear anymore and single Spotify.exe process loads CPU on 0% and does nothing. If to launch Spotify again, appears one more process, which is same idling.

      The only difference is, if to launch it manually, there are only the following 3 lines in the log:

      (dll/ntdll/ldr/ldrinit.c:1636) LdrpInitializeProcessCompat: Found guid for winver 0xa00
      fixme:(dll/win32/shell32/shlexec.cpp:1848) flags ignored: 0x00004000
      (sdk/lib/rtl/actctx.c:2727) unknown element application

      and no any crash/exseption/fse (see debug.log), which doesn't say anything useful.

      But when it starts automatically after installing, appears unhandled exception, and with /FIRSTCHANCE option enabled, opens a kdb. In backtrace, which opens via bt command, I see lines related to some user32 stuff:

      Entered debugger on first-chance exception (Exception Code: 0xc0000005) (Page Fault)
      Memory at 0x000001C0 could not be read: Page not present.
      kdb:> bt
      * <user32.dll:64339 (win32ss/user/user32/windows/wndproc_fixup.S:44 (CALL_EXTERN_WNDPROC))>
      * <user32.dll:5859b (win32ss/user/user32/windows/message.c:1546 (IntCallWindowProcW))>
      * <user32.dll:589e4 (win32ss/user/user32/windows/message.c:1797 (IntCallMessageProc))>
      * <user32.dll:59111 (win32ss/user/user32/windows/message.c:2045 (DispatchMessageW))>

      and after typing cont, appears one more exception, and again related to user32 (when it happens, in the system I see an appcrash):

      Unhandled exception
      ExceptionCode:    c0000005
      Faulting Address:      1c0
      CS:EIP 1b:41125c
      DS 23 ES 23 FS 3b GS 0
      EAX: 86737fb8   EBX: 00000038   ECX: 00000015
      EDX: 00000015   EBP: 036bf82c   ESI: 00000000   ESP: 036bf81c
      EDI: 00495de8   EFLAGS: 00010202
      <SpotifyFullSetup.exe:1125c> (E:\SpotifyFullSetup.exe@400000)
      <SpotifyFullSetup.exe:10833> (E:\SpotifyFullSetup.exe@400000)
      <SpotifyFullSetup.exe:10b49> (E:\SpotifyFullSetup.exe@400000)
      <SpotifyFullSetup.exe:ad14> (E:\SpotifyFullSetup.exe@400000)
      <SpotifyFullSetup.exe:9653> (E:\SpotifyFullSetup.exe@400000)
      * <user32.dll:6433e (win32ss/user/user32/windows/wndproc_fixup.S:48 (CALL_EXTERN_WNDPROC))> (C:\ReactOS\system32\user32.dll@77a20000)
      * <user32.dll:585a0 (win32ss/user/user32/windows/message.c:1546 (IntCallWindowProcW))> (C:\ReactOS\system32\user32.dll@77a20000)
      * <user32.dll:589e9 (win32ss/user/user32/windows/message.c:1797 (IntCallMessageProc))> (C:\ReactOS\system32\user32.dll@77a20000)
      * <user32.dll:59116 (win32ss/user/user32/windows/message.c:2045 (DispatchMessageW))> (C:\ReactOS\system32\user32.dll@77a20000)
      <SpotifyFullSetup.exe:949e> (E:\SpotifyFullSetup.exe@400000)

      (see debug-log2lines.log, translated via log2lines).

      Btw, Google Chrome 49.0.2623.112 starts successfully and works as well in the same revision, same as before. So probably Chromium-based browsers are not affected, only CEF-based apps.


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        5. 0.4.14-RC-31-g71ec0f6_gcc_dbg_lin__firstChanceExceptionCascade_14xBT_disasm_cont.log
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        6. 0.4.14-RC-8-g1734c56_spotify_does_work_for_me.log
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        9. 0.4.15-dev-217-g2f56cca.png
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