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WeFi fails to find WiFi service




      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Download WeFi here: http://s04.mydiv-downloads.net/download/aHR0cHM6Ly9zb2Z0Lm15ZGl2Lm5ldC93aW4vZG93bmxvYWQtV2VGaS5odG1s/cc341/5ef8d010897d6/soft/dfiles/ru/win/WeFi/252720/WeFiSetup_1_157_1_1538.exe
      2. Install it.
      3. Launch.
      4. After launching wait some time while it will finish to start.
      5. Go to Wi-Fi tab.

      There will an error that the WiFi service is not running. And after clicking "Learn More", will open a new Wine IE window with fixing steps.
      It will show that to fix the problem, you need to open Service Control Manager and start Wireless Zero Configuration Service. We currently have no this service implemented, so it is not surprising that the app doesn't work.

      In Win2k3 it will say that WiFi adapter is disabled. It is correct, because my VM has no any WiFi adapter connected. I did not test yet, but I'm more than sure that if I'll connect the WiFi adapter (on VM or real H/W) and install the driver there, it will recognize the device properly and display (and connect to) WiFi networks successfully, which is the main function of the application.
      In ReactOS it is impossible, because WZC service and API are missing for now.

      And I know many such apps which use only Wireless Zero Configuration and don't recognize our current WiFi service (WlanSvc). E. g. Xirus WiFi Inspector.

      I made an initial implememntation of this in my local branch, and will open a PR soon. But please note that my service almost works only in Win2k3, but does not in ROS. For some reason it doesn't start properly, and prevents some other system services from correct starting. This is caused by something other (but definitely not by our WlanSvc), so is unrelated to this bug. I'll create the ticket for that later.


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