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HP ProBook 6450b VZ243AV fails to boot



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      I've tried installing ReactOS 0.4.13 on a HP ProBook 6450b VZ243AV notebook. I took the following steps:

      1. Create a bootable USB thumbdrive following the wiki guide
      2. Booting the notebook from USB, choosing "BootCD (Screen)" in the boot loader menu
      3. Going through all the installation steps
        1. FS: btrfs
        2. Install dir: \Windows
        3. Installing the boot loader to MBR and V??
      4. Rebooting from HDD using "ReactOS (Screen)" from the boot loader menu

      Booting from HDD started, printing lines of text to the screen. After a few moments the boot process stopped, complaining about a failed assertion (see screenshot attached).

      I'm new to ReactOS. I don't have experience debugging errors like this and this is my first Jira ticket. Please let me know what info you need in addition to this.

      The notebook does have a serial port but I don't have an adapter cable to connect it to my other notebook. So I cannot provide any kind of log file in text form at this moment.


      EDIT: The installation process isn't completely done yet. I've only managed to complete the installation steps that the USB installer provided. After that the system needs to reboot from HDD and do additional things before the installation is done but those never happened because the first boot from HDD (after the USB installer was done) failed to complete.


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