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Sound still does not work on real hardware with Vinyl AC97 audio driver




      This ticket is a continuation of an old CORE-14049. It describes the new appeared issues after that issue is gone.

      What I did to reproduce the problem:

      1. Installed ReactOS on my test PC.
      2. Installed Vinyl AC97 driver v7.00b downloaded from here: https://d34vhvz8ul1ifj.cloudfront.net/Driver/vinyl_v700b.zip, by extracting it from archive, installing twice via Device Manager from /Vinyl_V700b/Vinyl/drivers/XPWDM/ directory and twice reboot.

      After the 2nd reboot and booting with installed audio driver, the system behaves like the driver is functioning correctly and the sound is working properly: Device Manager complains that the device is functioning correctly, and it is marked as enabled (although in recent builds it actually shows an error code 28 - drivers are not installed for this device, although it also is marked as enabled, but it's a recent unrelated regression, which occurs even in VM with installed audio driver; actually, the device is working correctly there). Also other system components/3rd-party apps are behaving like the audio device is present and the sound is working properly: when trying to play the startup sound from mmsys.cpl, after clicking play button, it is pressed a few seconds and then released. This means the playback is working, but the sound is actually not playing from speakers. Same with all other audio apps. E. g. mplay32.exe also plays the audio files, but without sound.

      Due to a recent regression from CORE-17722, I'm unable to capture a debug log from current master (since I have no COM port), but fortunately, I have a backuped log from an old ReactOS revision (~ from 25th April): portcls.log. On the current master, the sympthoms are completely same.

      In general, when trying to play any sound with Vinyl AC97 driver, the log complains about the following:

      WARNING:  DeviceIoControl at /drivers/wdm/audio/backpln/portcls/pin_wavepci.cpp:600 is UNIMPLEMENTED!
      WARNING:  DeviceIoControl at /drivers/wdm/audio/backpln/portcls/pin_wavepci.cpp:600 is UNIMPLEMENTED!
      WARNING:  GetAcquiredTagRange at /drivers/wdm/audio/backpln/portcls/irpstream.cpp:798 is UNIMPLEMENTED!

      Some required functions appear to be unimplemented, what most likely may cause a problem. But I'm not sure about this exactly.

      I already implemented both these functions in my local branch, and will submit some PRs in the near time.

      Although the sound still does not working correctly after my changes. So either something another is causing a problem, or my implementations are still wrong. I don't know for now.

      My sound card is VIA 8235 (integrated into motherboard).

      Tested ReactOS revision is 0.4.15-dev-3072-gc59c185.




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