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CJK texts not showing in CMD.exe with fallback font, depending on the codepage used



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    • 0.4.15
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      CJK texts not showing properly in CMD.exe after workarounds depending on the codepage that CMD.exe is using.

      Build tested: ReactOS 0.4.15-x86-dev-3242-g5da934e
      Commit: 5da934e34dfc257b5fb37f172713ccd8d0269ad5
      Optional modules included: DroidSansFallback.ttf

      Host environment: VirtualBox VM under Windows, 512MB RAM, 20GB VHD

      Before reproduction

      • Add DroidSansFallback.ttf in ../modules/optional before building ISOs, or the result will be meaningless
      • Use bootcd, and choose CJK languages like zh-CN, ja-JP during installation
         zh-TW is not recommended and don't use untranslated zh-HK, zh-MO, etc.
      • Remember, codepages use for CJK language are 932, 936, 949, 950. Using other codepages (or Unicode codepages) during reproduction will only makes fun.

      Reproduction steps

      1. Install ROS. I use zh-CN to install on virtual machine. For reference, the bootcd I used is built using ubuntu-gcc-i386
      2. Open Command Prompt
      3.  It is fine if you see no CJK text in the command screen at first as the following is the workaround
      4. Right click the title bar and click "Properties" in context menu
      5. Change the codepage and click "OK" twice (one is the setting itself, one is the popup whether save it for future CMD window)

      Expected result
      After the workaround steps, CJK texts should "at least" shows up

      The texts are hard to read at this point because of the font.

      Observed result

      • 932 (Japanese)  text is shown
      • 936 (Simplified Chinese) text does not show
      • 949 (Korean)  text is shown
      • 950 (Traditional Chinese) text does not show

      Log is for reference only, it just records how the OS doing when I changing codepages, the change order is 932, 936, 949, 950.
      Also, The bugs reproducibility depends on the languages installed and is not always 100%.


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        4. codepage936_text_not_work.png
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        5. codepage950_text_not_work.png
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        6. Codepage settings.log
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