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Stardock IconPackager 5.1 - some icons are wrong after restoring to default system icon set



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      This ticket is an addendum to the previous CORE-14758.
      Changing icons has been implemented by my 6419 and 6421 PRs, but there is the remaining problem when restoring the icons to default (system) icon set (Tango): some items are using wrong icons (e.g., My Documents, Web Browser, Control Panel and some virtual folders inside it).
      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Download IconPackager 5.1 here: https://iconpackager.ru.uptodown.com/windows/post-download/115.
      2. Install Microsoft Visual C++ 6 Redistributable Package from Rapps as follows: 1) download it, 2) extract vcredist.exe from vcredist6setupdeu.exe, 3) extract all the contents of vcredist.exe, 4) go to the extraction directory, 5) right click on vcredist.inf and then "Install".
      3. Install the app itself.
      4. Run it.
      5. Choose any of inbuilt icon sets.
      6. Click the blue "Apply changes" button at the top right.
      7. Wait 5 - 10 seconds while it is applying.
      8. Refresh the desktop by right click on it and "Refresh" or press F5 one time (don't forget to take a focus to it).
      9. After the icons set has been applied, and the icons have been changed, don't close the app.
      10. Choose default (Tango) icon set from the list named as "Windows Default Icons" (first in the list).
      11. Repeat steps 6 - 9 again.

      After performing all these steps, some icons are restored incorrectly.
      The problem is caught: for My Documents icon - by missing icon resources in mydocs.dll (there are two resources in Windows XP/2003: My Documents icon and My Pictures icon); for Web Browser icon - the app writes wrong path in Registry, I did not firure out why yet; and for Control Panel icon and its subitems icons - the problem is due to wrong ordering of icon resources in our main.cpl comparing to Windows. The app writes the correct (Windows compatible) icon indexes in Registry, but the actual icons are wrong for them (mismatching, different from MS's main.cpl).
      This can be easily fixed by adding missing resources in mydocs.dll and fixing the ordering of icons in main.cpl. Will send some PRs soon.
      Tested with 0.4.15-dev-7693-gd0e2924.


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