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log2lines: Enhanced raddr2line replacement



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      log2lines: Enhanced raddr2line replacement

      Usage: log2lines [-cd:fFhl:mrv] [<exefile> <offset>]

      When <exefile> <offset> are given, log2lines works just like raddr2line
      Otherwise it reads stdin and tries to translate lines of the form:

      The result is written to stdout.
      log2lines uses a cache in order to avoid a directory scan at each
      image lookup, greatly increasing performance. Only image path and its
      base address are cached

      -c Console mode. Outputs text per character instead of per line.
      This is slightly slower but enables to see what you type.

      -d <directory>
      Directory to scan for images.
      Default: output-32

      -f Force creating new cache.

      -F As -f but exits immediately after creating cache.

      -h This text.

      -l <logFile>
      Append copy to specified logFile.
      Default: no logFile

      -m Prefix (mark) each translated line with '* '.

      -r Raw output without translation.

      -v Show detailed errors and tracing.
      Repeating this option adds more verbosity.
      Default: only (fatal) errors

      Setup is a VMware machine with its serial port set to: '\\.\pipe\kdbg'.

      Just recreate cache after a svn update or a new module has been added:
      log2lines -F

      Use kdbg debugger via console (interactive):
      log2lines -c < \\.\pipe\kdbg

      Use kdbg debugger via console, and append copy to logFile:
      log2lines -c -l dbg.log < \\.\pipe\kdbg

      Use kdbg debugger to send output to logfile:
      log2lines < \\.\pipe\kdbg > dbg.log


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