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ARM Bringup fixes for latest SVN



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      Operating System: ReactOS
      Platform: x86 Hardware


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      ARM bringup patch

      [ARMLLB] Updated ARM LLB major and minor version, changed screen resolution to 800x600, and made screen blue again, for it is rather soothing to the eyes. ARM board configuration firmware services block also has serial UART putchar function for freeldr debugging.
      [CRT] We don't have C or ASM based floating point functions for now, stub them, fixes ARM build.
      [FREELDR] Added UartPutChar into Machine Definition Table for ARM freeldr.sys debugging.
      [FREELDR] Reverted some of the freeldr code, makes ARM boot further. Hangs at loading HAL.DLL for some reason, I bet it's the memory manager. The entire bootchain works fine in r45556 though.
      [NANDFLASH] Make nandflash use fopen/fread/fwrite instead of open/read/write. This fixes nandflash under Windows atleast. Haven't tested under *nix platforms.
      [NTOSKRNL] Added ASM macro definitions for ARM platform, we had them before, they disappeared... :|
      [NTOSKRNL] ExfRundownCompleted/ExfReInitializeRundownProtection like to make gcc unhappy for ARM, stubbed for now. It works in r45556 though.
      [RBUILD] Fix rbuild to make proper rules for ARM bootloader build. Fixes freeldr and armllb build.
      [RTL] For some reason, the InterlockedXxx defines aren't defined on ARM. Added them into rtlp.h for now.
      [WCSFUNCS] Added this module back in, fixes ARM build.

      For now, it boots until freeldr loads hal.dll, then it hangs. The major blocking component other than this is ntoskrnl.exe's MiInitializeMachineDependent for ARM


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