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RemoteTaskManager: "Process initialization failure" with STATUS_CONFLICTING_ADDRESSES at startup



    • Type: Bug
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    • Priority: Major
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    • Component/s: NTCore
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      Operating System: ReactOS
      Platform: x86 Hardware


      Trying to execute the "Remote Task Manager" utility on ReactOS leads to the crash of this utility with the "Process initialization failure" error of the NT PE Loader. This utility can be found at: http://www.devicelock.com/download/rtm.zip

      Here is the relevant part of the debug log:

      WARNING:  BackupRead at ..\..\dll\win32\kernel32\client\file\backup.c:34 is UNIMPLEMENTED!
      WARNING:  BackupRead at ..\..\dll\win32\kernel32\client\file\backup.c:34 is UNIMPLEMENTED!
      WARNING:  BackupRead at ..\..\dll\win32\kernel32\client\file\backup.c:34 is UNIMPLEMENTED!
      WARNING:  BackupRead at ..\..\dll\win32\kernel32\client\file\backup.c:34 is UNIMPLEMENTED!
      fixme:(..\..\dll\win32\shell32\shlexec.cpp:1684) flags ignored: 0x00000004
      fixme:(..\..\dll\win32\shell32\shlexec.cpp:1684) flags ignored: 0x00010000
      (..\..\lib\rtl\actctx.c:874) Unsupported yet language attribute (*)
      (..\..\dll\ntdll\ldr\ldrutils.c:1322) LDR: LdrpMapDll Relocating Image Name shell32.dll (765D0000 -> 004D2000)
      (..\..\dll\ntdll\ldr\ldrutils.c:1361) Overlapping DLL: C:\ReactOS\system32\MFC42u.DLL
      WARNING:  MiProtectVirtualMemory at ..\..\ntoskrnl\mm\ARM3\virtual.c:1733 is UNIMPLEMENTED!
      (..\..\dll\ntdll\ldr\ldrutils.c:2335) Image rtmanager.exe has no exports, but were trying to get procedure (null). BaseAddress asked 00400000, got entry BA 00400000
      err:(..\..\dll\win32\comdlg32\cdlg32.c:92) Failed to get entry point #0015 for hinst = 00000000
      (..\..\dll\ntdll\ldr\ldrinit.c:829) LDR: DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH for dll "comdlg32.dll" (InitRoutine: 772CD7BD) failed
      (..\..\dll\ntdll\ldr\ldrinit.c:2108) LDR: LdrpProcessInitialization failed running initialization routines; status c0000142
      (..\..\dll\ntdll\ldr\ldrinit.c:2137) LDR: Process initialization failure for C:\Program Files\Remote Task Manager\rtmanager.exe; NTSTATUS = c0000142
      (..\..\subsystems\win32\csrss\csrsrv\api\wapi.c:1220) Exception in 6e0.6e4. Killing...
      (..\..\subsystems\win32\csrss\csrsrv\api\wapi.c:1113) Death from unknown thread, just continue

      ( see CORE-5758 )


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