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reactos fails to boot after installation bootcd-57236-dbg in vbox 4.1.18 with 256 mb ram dedicated



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Fix Version/s: 0.3.15
    • Component/s: NTCore
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      Operating System: ReactOS
      Platform: x86 Hardware


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      [11:51] <React0S> it started right after opera problem
      [11:52] <cgutman> is it just a stock vbox virtual machine with no config changes?
      [11:52] <React0S> yes
      [11:52] <React0S> windows xp profile
      [11:52] <React0S> 256 ram
      [11:53] <cgutman> IDE hard disk?
      [11:53] <React0S> and the only - seriall port
      [11:53] <React0S> yep
      [11:56] <cgutman> I can't replicate it
      [11:56] <React0S> vbox version?
      [11:57] <cgutman> 4.2.0 RC2
      [11:57] <React0S> mine is 4.1.18
      [11:57] <cgutman> what's your host CPU?
      [11:59] <React0S> E6550
      [11:59] <React0S> core2duo
      [11:59] <cgutman> hmm, ok so no MMU virtualization
      [12:00] <cgutman> sometimes VT-x makes things weird
      [12:00] <cgutman> plenty of races too
      [12:00] <cgutman> I could try on one of my older rigs
      [12:00] <cgutman> this machine is a 3770K
      [12:01] <React0S> how mutch time would it take
      [12:01] <React0S> it seems to me it also happens on my Phenom I x3
      [12:02] <cgutman> same level of hardware virtualization support there
      [12:02] <cgutman> I tried disabling nested paging and it still works here

      [12:21] <Caemyr> can you regress-test it?
      [12:21] <React0S> it is since begining of Ion series of commits
      [12:22] <Caemyr> we need a bug report
      [12:22] <React0S> but i cant do it closer because of other bugs presented by ion )
      [12:22] <Caemyr> the problem is that builders do not reproduce it
      [12:03] <React0S> so when are you able to test?
      [12:04] <cgutman> still boots even with VT-x totally disabled
      [12:04] <cgutman> I can probably do it sometime later today
      [12:05] <cgutman> see if you can find anyone else who can replicate your isue




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