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USB Flash Drive causing BSOD's



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Fix Version/s: 0.4.13
    • Component/s: Drivers: USB
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      ReactOS bootcd-59173-dbgwin, on VirtualBox 4.1.6, on Windows 7 x64.


      I'm not sure if this is one issue or several, but these are the results and debug logs of multiple USB Flash Drive tests that I have done. For all of these tests, I am using ReactOS bootcd-59173-dbgwin on VirtualBox 4.1.6 on Windows 7 x64. I am also using the same flash drive for all of these tests - a generic 1GB flash drive. The Thesycon USB Descriptor Dumper of the USB Flash Drive is attachment USB Descriptor Dump.txt. I used PuTTY 0.62 to obtain all debug logs.

      Summary Of Tests:

      Test 1
      Fresh install of 59173 to C: with no flash drive present. It was installed, booted to the desktop, and shut down.
      Attachment 59173 - 1 No Flash.log - Debug Log of this test.
      This, of course, is a successful test and is only included for comparison in case that's helpful.

      Test 2
      Fresh install of 59173 to the flash drive. I chose to Not format the flash drive at all (it was already FAT). Stage 1 seems to go fine, and stage 2 cannot be tested (VirtualBox does not allow for booting flash drives).
      Attachment 59173 - 2 Flash Install No Format.log - Debug Log of this test; only stage 1 of the installer
      Attachment 59173 - 2 Flash File List.txt - A list of files/sizes of the contents of the flash drive after this test
      At one point, I was able to get the flash drive to begin booting on my PC, but froze up at the ReactOS graphic, with the progress bar around 2/3 full. See http://reactos.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=101486#p101486 for details. I have not since been able to get my real hardware system to even try booting the ReactOS flash drive. All attempts since have resulted in:

      Load failed!
      Press any key to reboot...
      Load failed!
      Press any key to reboot...
      Load failed!
      Press any key to reboot...

      (Obviously, pressing a key did not cause the system to reboot.)

      Test 3
      Fresh copy of 59173, installing to flash drive. I chose to format with FAT (not Quick Format). The installer could not lock the drive for formatting, and locked up immediately after that.
      Attachment 59173 - 3 Flash Install FAT Format.log is Debug Log. I had to reformat the drive in Windows (Quick Format, FAT) after this.

      Test 4
      Fresh copy of 59173, installing to flash drive. I chose to format with Quick FAT. Again, the installer could not lock the drive for formatting, and locked up.
      Attachment 59173 - 4 Flash Install Quick FAT Format.log is the Debug Log of that. I again had to reformat the drive in with Windows (Quick Format, FAT).

      Test 5
      Fresh copy of 59173, installing to C:\, with flash drive present (not being used, however). It crashed during the 2nd stage of the installer.
      Attachment 59173 - 5 C Install Flash Present.log is the Debug Log.

      Next, with the virtual machine off, I detached the flash drive and completed installing ROS 59173. I encountered 1 BSOD during this process, and 2 more when attempting to boot to the desktop for the first time. PuTTY was not running during this process, so no debug logs are present. (It looked like the usual "BSOD? Try again!" so I wasn't concerned with capturing that behavior.)

      Test 6
      Continuing from the previous, I attached the flash drive with the VM off and booted up. It crashed every single time, regardless of boot mode (Normal, Debug, Screen) or number of attempts.
      Attachment 59173 - 6 Flash Present on Boot.log is the debug log PuTTY made of my first Debug boot-up attempt.

      Test 7
      I detached the flash drive, booted to desktop, and attached the flash drive. ROS recognized the flash drive, and I was able to browse it with Explorer. I even opened and edited freeldr.ini in the root of the flash drive. I then shut down ReactOS properly.
      Attachment 59173 - 7 Flash Attached after Boot.log is the debug log of this. Everything appears to be functioning properly in this test, but again this is provided for comparison.

      Test 8
      I detached the flash drive from the VM. I booted up 59173 to desktop, attached the flash drive, verified it was visible in Explorer, detached the flash drive, and verified it was no longer visible in Explorer. Then I shut down ReactOS properly, and it encountered a Fatal System Error. (This seemed very odd, so I repeated it a few times, and it did happen each time.) I then tried to use backtrace and some other kdb commands for the first time. Hopefully I retrieved some useful information.
      Attachment 59173 - 8 Flash Attached Detached after boot.log is the Debug Log for this test.




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