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After installing LibreOffice 3.3, The next time Ros is booted, the boot process fails with a bsod.



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    • Fix Version/s: 0.3.17
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      Revision 59411 running natively in the above hardware.

      I have tested LibreOffice3.3 in rev59411 and reproduced a bsod twice, the second time was after I had encountered the first bsod and re-install ROS and LibreOffice.

      The first install of LibreOffice was after I had installed java and tried to install Netbeans IDE, the second time I just installed LibreOffice after a fresh install of ROS.

      The bsod says that "a process or thread crucial to system operation has unexpectedly exited or been terminated".

      I have taken debug logs for the second stage of installing ROS (59411-install.log), the installation of LibreOffice (59411-ins-libreOff3.3.log), the running of LibreOffice (59411-start-libre3.3.log) and the reboot (59411-reboot-down-up.log).

      The bsod did not happen when I was running in debug mode.

      I first came across this bsod in revision 59272 after installing and using LibreOffice 3.3, but was not able to reproduce it after a fresh install.

      I have also tested in revision 58612 (the oldest revision I have) and found the same behaviour as in revision 59272.

      I put all the logs into a 7zip file (59411-LibreOffice.7z)

      These are the notes to go with the log files:

      Installation of LibreOffice:

      On entering the desktop from start up, cancel 4 driver install windows.
      Go to D:Office and double the LibreOffice icon.
      Close Explorer window as the installation starts running.
      Accept defaults for unpacking and installation directory, at the end click the finish button.

      Running LibreOffice:

      Refresh Desktop (right click on desktop, click refresh menu) to show the desktop icon for LibreOffice.
      Double icon to start programme.
      As the programme is running it shows a warning window saying that jre is required for this operation, click to close this window.
      This is repeated 4 more times.
      The programme start window appears, click Text Document.
      In the work space, type some text, then close programme.
      Note: there is no visible cursor and text is slow to appear.

      Reboot computer without any bsod.




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