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Problems with Explorer, Delete and shutting down revision 62832



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      Revision 62832 in real hardware.
      Yesterday I tested Gimp and experienced problems with the mouse not moving over the gimp windows and because of that I could not close the programme. Then ReactOS would not shut down, so I had to switch the power off. Then Ros would bsod at the end of the splash screen (full progress bar). Having re-installed, I then took some screenshots of gimp, which were saved to drive D:, and the files could be seen in that drive. When in linux (liveCD) on this computer I could not find the files.

      Today I have tried to delete a stand-alone version of gimp and found some more problems, plus yesterday's not being able to shut down.

      So here is some notes to go with the debug logs.
      62832-delete.log - 62832-No2.log

      Boot up into the desktop, shut all the driver install wizard windows, navigate to D:\Portableapps\GIMPPortable\App\gimp\ to delete the folders. Tried to delete the folders, Refresh to see if they had gone; still there. Click on first folder to open it, I then got a blue rectangle (see P4210010.png) and the 'right click menu'. At this point I got a backtrace.
      After continuing, I found that everything but the mouse is frozen. After more than 5 mins, it un-froze with a beep and the explorer window went full screen (see P4210011.jpg) with no contents, with the topbar showing grey (not focused). Clicking on the topbar brought the in-focus blue.

      When I came to shut ros down, I found that it would go no further than the 'shutting down' window. I then left it and went away. When I returned, I found that it had shut-down and linux liveCD was booting up.

      I hope that you can make something of my ramble.


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