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regression: no sound is played (problem with the mixer)



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      When playing something (a vid, for instance), no sound is playing. It seems this is not a problem with the (sound)driver on itself, but of he (instalment of) the mixer. In build 64221 it still works, in 64222 not. For more info I'll paste the entirety of the post here, since I'm to understand two clicks is too much for looking at a log:

      Ok, going for the putty-log (serial cable), since I'm real hardware (regression)testing (specs, including soundcard, can be seen here: http://www.reactos.org/wiki/PC_ROS_Rigs ). The first log is just starting up 64221, after clean install, no attempt to install the sounddrivers:


      This is after installing the drivers (with an exe file). However, something weird happend; when restarting, it normally starts up with the 'musictone' and the window of the application (wich installs the sound). Now I just...hanged. Restarted a few times, even in normal mode, but then I got a BSOD. I never got anything like that in all my prior regressiontesting, so I presume it has something to do with the fact I'm debugging with serial, now? Strange:


      Well, dunno what happened, but it always bsod'ed, so I reinstalled everything as last time, and after the instalment I restarted, and now the application did work (window of the app pops up, sound/musictone is hearable). I note it says 'hack' there at the end. Maybe that was a hack that made it work, and that has been removed, making it unworkable now? (edit: according to source 'V', this has nothing to do with it, though):



      This one is of 64222, first without installing anything (of the audiodrivers):


      This is after installing the drivers:


      This is when restarting ROS after the installation (exe file) of the drivers, similar to with 64221:


      Note that this time, no window appears, no music is hearable, etc. This, in contrast to the 64221 version.


      Last edit: I got some (well, a lot of) help in pinpointing the problem and it turns out it's not as much an error with the sounddriver, as with the mixer. The result is still no sound when you play a vid or music, but it's still another thing to look for.

      So 64222 didn't break my audio driver, it broke (the instalment of) my mixer application. And it likely broke my mixer cause it didn't find the registered coms (64222 changed the registry hives). I was told that it should have been corrected later on (the hive-thingy), but since I checked up to 65000 and RC4 (where it still failed), maybe it wasn't fixed correctly. But the VM-experts (aka, not me ) then know what to look for, namely some registry thing concerning com files, at 64222.


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