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Libreoffice runs, but crashes when exiting the formular editor



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Fix Version/s: 0.4.7
    • Component/s: Win32SS
    • Labels:
    • Environment:

      VBox + VESA-driver


      I tried Libreoffie 4.3.5 (raps lists an slighty older version which I can't download any longer) + manually copied msvcp110 and msvcr110. It works quite good, despite painting / refriesh erors (sometimes text is viewed only after opening the menu, sometimes the colors in the menubar is wrong etc.)

      After closing the formular editor (I typed 3 over 344) I got a crash:

      err:(../../dll/opengl/opengl32/wgl.c:741) Error: hdc is not a DC handle! <- seems to be unrelated as I got this several times before)
      Entered debugger on last-chance exception (Exception Code: 0xc0000005) (Page Fault)
      Memory at 0x0000002C could not be read: Page not present.
      kdb:> bt
      <win32k.sys:7ffe (win32ss/gdi/eng/bitblt.c:68 (BltMask))>
      <win32k.sys:8e97 (win32ss/gdi/eng/bitblt.c:483 (EngBitBlt))>
      <win32k.sys:9555 (win32ss/gdi/eng/bitblt.c:686 (IntEngBitBlt))>
      <win32k.sys:136a7 (win32ss/gdi/eng/stretchblt.c:405 (IntEngStretchBlt))>
      <win32k.sys:93d6c (:0 (NtGdiStretchDIBitsInternal))>
      <NTOSKRNL.EXE:143da0 (ntoskrnl/include/internal/i386/ke.h:689 (KiSystemServiceHandler))>
      <NTOSKRNL.EXE:3d95 (:0 (KiFastCallEntry))>
      <vcllo.dll:c6379>--- Press q to abort, any other key to continue ---
      <KERNEL32.dll:fbd3>--- Press q to abort, any other key to continue ---
      kdb:> regs
      CS:EIP  0x0008:0xf752effe
      SS:ESP  0x0010:0xf70677c4
         EAX  0x00000000   EBX  0x00000044
         ECX  0x00000000   EDX  0x00004400
         ESI  0x00000000   EDI  0xe1fff424
         EBP  0xf7067834
      EFLAGS  0x00010246  PF ZF IF IOPL0 RF
      kdb:> cregs 
      CR0  0x80010031  PE ET NE WP PG
      CR2  0x0000002c
      CR3  0x34d55000  Pagedir-Base 0x34d55000 
      GDTR  Base 0x8060c000  Size 0x03ff
      LDTR  0x0000
      IDTR  Base 0x8060c400  Size 0x07ff
      kdb:> sregs
      CS  0x0008  Index 0x0001  GDT RPL0
      DS  0x0023  Index 0x0004  GDT RPL3
      ES  0x0023  Index 0x0004  GDT RPL3
      FS  0x0030  Index 0x0006  GDT RPL0
      GS  0x0000  Index 0x0000  GDT RPL0
      SS  0x0010  Index 0x0002  GDT RPL0
      kdb:> dregs
      DR0  0xe2063010
      DR1  0x00000000
      DR2  0x00000000
      DR3  0xf70677c4
      DR6  0xf752ef44
      DR7  0x00000000
      kdb:> gdt
      GDT Base: 0x8060c000  Limit: 0x03ff
        Idx  Sel.    Type         Base        Limit       DPL  Attribs
        001  0x0008  CODE32       0x00000000  0x0fffffff  00   R/X A
        002  0x0010  DATA32       0x00000000  0x0fffffff  00   R/W A
        003  0x001b  CODE32       0x00000000  0x0fffffff  03   R/X A
        004  0x0023  DATA32       0x00000000  0x0fffffff  03   R/W A
        005  0x0028  TSS32(Busy)  0x80609000  0x000020ac  00  
        006  0x0030  DATA32       0xffdff000  0x00001fff  00   R/W A
        007  0x003b  DATA32       0x7ffdf000  0x00010000  03   R/W A
        008  0x0043  DATA16       0x00000400  0x00010000  03   R/W
        009  0x0048  UNKNOWN      [NP]        [NP]        00   NP
        010  0x0050  TSS32(Avl)   0x809ed860  0x00000069  00  
        011  0x0058  TSS32(Avl)   0x809ed8e0  0x00000069  00  
        012  0x0060  DATA16       0x00020000  0x00010000  00   R/W
        013  0x0068  DATA16       0x000b8000  0x00004000  00   R/W
        014  0x0070  DATA16       0xffff7000  0x00000400  00   R/W
        015  0x0078  UNKNOWN      [NP]        [NP]        00   NP
        016  0x0080  UNKNOWN      [NP]        [NP]        00   NP
        017  0x0088  UNKNOWN      [NP]        [NP]        00   NP
        018  0x0090  UNKNOWN      [NP]        [NP]        00   NP
        019  0x0098  UNKNOWN      [NP]        [NP]        00   NP
        020  0x00a0  UNKNOWN      [NP]        [NP]        00   NP
      --- Press q to abort, any other key to continue ---


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