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      Operating System: ReactOS
      Platform: x86 Hardware


      DbgCom is a COM port monitor utility to capture ReactOS debug strings,
      and send KDB commands to the ReactOS kernel debugger.
      It can be used with any serial port conduit, e.g. com0com or null-modem.

      DbgCom also includes a handy source code editor, which enables You
      to double-click on a debug string and go directly to the source of it.


      DbgCom uses the RosDbg protocol, so check your FreeLdr settings.

      DbgCom requires no installation, just put it somewhere and run it.
      The first time You run it, be sure to execute the Preferences dialog
      and Ok your settings so they are stored in the registry.

      Select your COM port from the combo list (or type in a port name
      if your port wasn't enumerated for some reason), then hit 'Start'.

      In addition to the UI list, each run can be dumped directly to file.
      However, if the working directory is not writable, no dump file is created.
      The port settings and dump settings can be edited directly in the UI.
      The default is 115200 baud, 8 data, 1 stop, and no parity.

      The message list is color coded for quick visual que,
      and allows multiple and non-contiguous selection.

      Right-clicking on the list opens a (self explanatory) context menu..


      Your Preferences are saved in the registry under

      COM ports are enumerated by the registry branch
      Port arrival/removal notifications are caught, and the port list updated.

      Unlike standard terminal programs, debug strings are received
      line by line to reduce RX overhead. Debug strings are captured by a
      receiver thread, and added  to a ring buffer, where they are picked up
      at a lower priority by the UI and added to the message list.

      DbgCom currently builds with MSVC 2oo8, and it's been a while since
      I built it with GCC, so You may expect a few quirks if You need to
      build it with the GNU compiler. Adding a Cmake should be easy,
      but I am (as yet) unfamiliar with it, so I haven't done that.

      (2008-11-01) The DbgCom source is briefly withheld pending a bit
      of beta testing, the ComPort dependency have been posted right here,
      and the uLib and SciEd dependencies will be published on Sourceforge
      in the next couple of days.

      If you have questions who's answers are not self-evident,
      you may contact me on my dev mailbox neo.love@hotmail.com
      or ask right here on the ROSBE-100 thread.
      Best Regards
      // Love


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