Release Notes - Core ReactOS - Version 0.3.15 - HTML format


  • [CORE-122] - csrss: GUI console windows should belong to the console process
  • [CORE-2571] - KVIrc: crash in win32k when connecting to irc server
  • [CORE-3984] - Freeing page with rmap entries (random kernel crash)
  • [CORE-4780] - OpenOffice3: v3.2 crashes at startup
  • [CORE-6093] - win32k: crash when taking a screenshot
  • [CORE-6099] - win32k: 16bpp icons are not drawn on 32bpp
  • [CORE-6204] - Picasa: bugcheck at the end of setup
  • [CORE-6205] - regedit: keys deleted by accident
  • [CORE-6363] - wined3d: Unable to start Super DxBall and other games
  • [CORE-6365] - psdk: Fix PFN_PROVUI_CALL declaration in wintrust.h
  • [CORE-6367] - taskmgr: minor fixes
  • [CORE-6398] - Foobar2000: v1.1.X setup doesn't start
  • [CORE-6419] - rtl: OpenOffice3: v3.3.0 setup ends with a crash
  • [CORE-6420] - gdi32: CreateDIBitmap fixes
  • [CORE-6432] - mm: Dosbox: v0.72 bugcheck at startup
  • [CORE-6435] - Aida32: failed assertion in win32k on exit.
  • [CORE-6499] - ReactOS bluescreend when I installed VBOX Additions on ReactOS
  • [CORE-6532] - mm: Firefox13: initial config crashes: Assertion '(AllocationType & MEM_RESET) == 0' failed
  • [CORE-6535] - fastfat: cdfs: kernel32_winetest:path triggers 'NumberOfBytes != 0' assertion
  • [CORE-6552] - win32k: gpu-z: crash at startup in win32k!MsqIncPaintCountQueue
  • [CORE-6555] - KsLoadResource can leak memory on failure path
  • [CORE-6580] - fsrtl: Assertion 'InternalInfo' failed when running FileZilla
  • [CORE-6587] - widl: autogenerated headers cause warnings on MSVC
  • [CORE-6594] - Pressing Retry in the assert dialog does not break into the debugger
  • [CORE-6614] - reactos fails to boot after installation bootcd-57236-dbg in vbox 4.1.18 with 256 mb ram dedicated
  • [CORE-6635] - kd: Really display the total used memory in serial debug logs.
  • [CORE-6655] - Opera9: Can't complete downloads
  • [CORE-6674] - win32k: Copying a bitmap with paint leads to heap corruption
  • [CORE-6685] - ntoskrnl: BugCheck 0x19: BAD_POOL_HEADER at the end of 2nd stage in MSVC build
  • [CORE-6689] - kernel32: Assertion 'NT_SUCCESS(Status)' failed at CreateRemoteThread when using rapps started from cmd
  • [CORE-6691] - po: Crash if rebooting after an USB device removal
  • [CORE-6700] - mm: Protection change not implemented
  • [CORE-6710] - crt: strftime / _tcsftime are unimplemented
  • [CORE-6753] - No out-of-the-box audio support
  • [CORE-6764] - shell32: usermode exception when displaying icons
  • [CORE-6769] - crash in kernel when killing firefox.exe process
  • [CORE-6805] - mm: Gimp2: v2.8.2 error at install due to MEM_TOP_DOWN flag not implemented
  • [CORE-6929] - Regular assertion failure 'Hash == TableMask' on testbot
  • [CORE-7009] - libusb: unicode debug prints used at elevated IRQL
  • [CORE-7027] - ldr: GS Notepad lite fails, regression
  • [CORE-7030] - Window activation broken after Task Manager minimized and restored
  • [CORE-7191] - cmd: Several bugs fixed for "Color" command
  • [CORE-7246] - COLOR builtin command of CMD does not format output color correctly


  • [CORE-2414] - ACPI: show processors as devices in device manager


  • [CORE-5759] - Missing StrToInt64Ex in SHLWAPI.DLL

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