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[verified: EXPLORER] (a race condition?) when minimizing an already activated app via its own taskwnd pane



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      our explorer from ros r74973

      We sometimes do not reliably manage to switch the title-bar activation status to app2 when minimizing the already activated app1 via its own taskwnd pane. Sometimes the other app does not properly receive the activation then. However these observations are always heavily dependant on the used programs and which one gets minimized. It feels like a race-condition. All seemed too random to create a ticket.
      The constant here is minimizing via left-click on own pane.

      Finally I found a way for me where I can reliably trigger a bug then.
      I use only our explorer from r74973 without rshell.dll
      A: W2K3SP2 + MS mspaint from 2K3SP2 + calc from 2K3SP2
      B: XPSP3 + MS mspaint from XP SP3 + calc from XP SP3
      Both setups behave the same.

      Repro (the order of steps is extremely important):
      -Start our explorer and place both apps next to each other
      -wiggle paint on title bar
      -then wiggle calc on title bar (is active afterwards)
      -minimize calc via left click on its pane

      Expected result:
      -paint gets activated title-bar and its pane gets pressed
      Observed result:
      -paint gets activated title-bar, but erroneously its pane is not pressed

      -now restore calc via left click on its pane.
      Expected result:
      -calcs pane gets pressed and its title-bar gets activated
      Observed result:
      -calcs pane gets pressed but afterwards both apps title-bars are activated

      As said I can perfectly reproduce that with our explorer on both MS systems using only our explorer. Ofc MS explorers of both systems are not affected.

      That makes me think the bug (a race condition?) must be compiled into the explorer object files.




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