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[USETUP] Setup fails to install the FAT bootcode



    • Bug
    • Resolution: Fixed
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    • 0.4.8
    • Setup
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    • reactos-bootcd-0.4.8-dev-556-g2daf239-x86-gcc-lin-dbg & Oracle Virtualbox Version 5.2.4r119785


      Steps to reproduce the bug:

      1. Pick a ReactOS release, in this case reactos-bootcd-0.4.8-dev-556-g2daf239-x86-gcc-lin-dbg;
      2. Mount it on a VM, do a total format using FAT as primary filesystem and complete the whole setup installation;
      3. Now that ReactOS has been installed, recap the whole process but at this time do not format the partition, just keep it with the existing filesystem FAT (no changes);
      4. Create the bootloader (both VBR & MBR);
      5. BAM! ReactOS fails to implement the FAT bootcode onto partition!

      Unfortunately I couldn't be able to get a backtrace, the installer didn't break into debugger in any way. Nor typing set condition * first always didn't help the case. By the way, prior to FAT bootcode installation failure, the Console gave this output (probably is this the cause of the said failure?):

      (base/setup/usetup/bootsup.c:2271) SetupCopyFile() failed (Status c0000022)

      I might be biased so I apology for my ignorance but I find it hilarious. What's the point on installing the FAT bootcode to the partition when such bootcode is ALREADY installed in the previous ReactOS installation? Does the 1st-Installer delete that bootcode albeit choosing "keep the filesystem (no changes)" or what?


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