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Regression: MS .NET Verification Tool fails to verify .NET Framework 2.0 SP2/4.0 installation



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      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Install MS .NET Framework 2.0 SP2/4.0 from Rapps.
      2. Reboot.
      3. Download MS .NET Framework Setup Verification Tool here: https://msdnshared.blob.core.windows.net/media/2018/05/netfx_setupverifier_new.zip.
      4. Extract netfx_setupverifier.exe from downloaded netfx_seupverifier_new.zip.
      5. Launch it.
      6. Select needed .NET Framework version from dropdown list in appeared window. If you have only one .NET Framework version installed (2.0 SP2 or 4.0), you can skip this step.
      7. Click "Verify" button and wait while it verifies .NET Framework installation. Up to 0.4.13-dev-118-30b800f8b5b7dd5843e022efdfa9e9628ca6b5cd it verifies succesfully. Since 0.4.13-dev-119-0e3a043526b1f34061e6168c5807769eeeeb4b53 verification fails at running .NET 2.0/4.0 test app (see setupverifier_main_04-29-19_18.04.16.txt). Removing/repairing .NET Framework doesn't help too. Also I noticed that my third-party .NET apps fails to start with CLR error 80004005 since that commit.

      Judging by 0.4.13-dev-119-g0e3a043.log, it fails due to unimplemented (halfplemented) SetThreadStackGuarantee:

      WARNING:  SetThreadStackGuarantee at dll/win32/kernel32/client/thread.c:986 is UNIMPLEMENTED!
      (dll/win32/kernel32/client/loader.c:384) LoadLibraryExW(C:\ReactOS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\OLEAUT32.dll) failing with status c0000135

      Tested on the clear ReactOS installation, only with Wine Gecko 2.40 and .NET Framework installed.


        1. 0.4.13-dev-118-g30b800f.log
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        7. NET_4.0_Full_succeeded.png
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        8. setupverifier_main_04-29-19_18.04.16.txt
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