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Regression: Cyrillic text regressed in many apps which use Segoe UI font



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Fix Version/s: 0.4.15
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      VirtualBox 5.1.38.


      In order to see this, simply:

      1. Install ReactOS with any Cyrillic localization (e. g. Russian or Ukrainian).
      2. Download and try to install MS VC++ 2015 U3 or MS VC++ 2017 runtime from Rapps or simply test any apps which use Segoe UI font anywhere. For me, all of them are affected (e. g. MS VC+ 2015-2017 installers, Reg Organizer 8.20 installer, Avast Free Antivirus 7.0 GUI and Emsisoft Anti Malware GUI).

      The bug is visible when open any app which uses that font. There are a squares with X-es inside instead of the text.

      It appeared since  0.4.15-dev-31-g97fb49a3d2bfdbbf5f03e193f922a80dd39ca9ba. In 0.4.15-dev-30-ga7e4d66be52c7affd7ee1f0ea88a72b1c625d423 this issue doesn't happen.

      The problem is caused by our Selawik fonts (open source Segoe UI equivalent), which has been added into ReactOS in the guilty commit and substituted for Segoe UI. It has no Cyrillic glyphs at all, same as the first one.

      So in my opinion, the best and the fastest solution will be simply to remove that substitution and probably Selawik fonts also, since it will not used then. Moreover, XP/2003 doesn't have and doesn't use (has ho substitution for) Segoe UI at all, so it is clearly NT6+ stuff. I double-rechecked: after removing it in ROS,  Cyrillic text is displayed properly again, same as before the guilty commit.

      I will open a PR for that, with that commit reverted. Or, if this is not a proper solution, I can try to implement Cyrillic glyphs in Selawik fonts via any font editor.




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