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My implementation of Wireless Zero Configuration Service works in Windows, but does not in ReactOS (same as MS one)



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    • 0.4.15
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    • VirtualBox 5.1.38


      To test this, simply:

      in ReactOS:

      1. Apply https://github.com/reactos/reactos/pull/2952 (compileable only for GCC for now), then rebuild and (re)install ROS (or, if you can't do that, simply copy my wzcsvc.dll compiled dll (or MS one, it will cause the same problem) into system32 and apply WZCSVC.reg tweak, and don't forget to add "wzcsvc" string into HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\svchost\netsvcs).
      2. Reboot the system.

      in Windows XP/2003:

      1. Disable Windows File Protection and reboot the system (or just boot from Linux LiveCD, if you don't want to break the OS integrity).
      2. Copy wzcsvc.dll into system32 with overwriting the MS dll (via Windows with disabled WFP or via Linux).
      3. Reboot the system (or boot there) again.

      In Windows XP/2003, you will see the svchost crash (due to unimplemented SvshostPushServiseGlobals), and service will not start automatically, but it still at least will be able started manually and will work not worse than with MS dll.

      In ReactOS, it will not start at all: it will hang endlessly in "Starting" state (with error 1056), and moreover, it will cause fail of some other system services (Schedule, Winmgmt, W32Time and Wuauserv). They will fail to start, in their tuen, with error 232 (the pipe is being closed). See attached wzcsvc.log (which doesn't show anything suspicious for me) and comparison screenshots.

      Tested with 0.4.15-dev-384-g393a2c4.


        1. MS_svchost.png
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          Oleg Dubinskiy
        2. wzcsvc_MS_svchost.log
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          Oleg Dubinskiy
        3. wzcsvc_ROS_fixed.png
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        4. wzcsvc_ROS.png
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        5. wzcsvc_win2k3.png
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        6. wzcsvc.dll
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        7. wzcsvc.log
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        8. WZCSVC.reg
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