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ICQ New 10.0.40117 fails to start



    • Type: New Feature
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    • Fix Version/s: 0.4.15
    • Component/s: Wine
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       VirtualBox 5.1.38.


      Download ICQ New from the official website: https://icq-www.hb.bizmrg.com/deprecated-versions/win/xp/icqsetup.exe (XP version) and install it.

      After the installation, it will fail to start with error that dbgeng.dll is missing. I tested it with 0.4.15-dev-424-g622f187.

      As it appeared, we indeed currently lack this dll in ReactOS. But Wine already has it. So I improted it from there (with all required dependencies) and it fixed the problem for me. Moreover, if we already have Wine's dbghelp.dll, which have the similar purpose, I guess this dll can be used in ROS too.

      I choosed Wine Staging 4.18 version, because:

      1. There was no any major improvements in dbgeng since version 4.15, so I decided to use the version to which we are currently synced.
      2. There are no any Staging patches for dbgeng, so Devel and Staging versions of dbgeng are completely identical.

      But in order to get it working, I also imported dbgeng.h header from Wine, since it is used as well by Wine's dbgeng.dll, and added some ROS-specific diffs in the dll sources itself, to avoid some comilation problems.

      I double-rechecked: after copying compiled dbgeng.dll into system32 and trying to run the app again, the bug is no longer occuring for me. It starts successfully.

      Also I checked: this dll is present in Win2k3 out of the box, and its purpose is "Windows Symbolic Debugger Engine".

      I already did the importing in my local branch and will open a PR soon. Allow me some time.


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