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Microsoft NTFS driver does not work in ReactOS



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Untriaged
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Unresolved
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    • Component/s: NTCore
    • Environment:

      VirtualBox 5.1.38.


      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Replace ntfs.sys onto version from Windows XP or 2003.
      2. Reboot.
      3. Connect any drive(s) with NTFS partition(s).
      4. Reboot again, in order to allow PnP properly detect them.
      5. Try to open them from My Computer.


      The partitions are not detected properly.
      It's visible when you try to open any NTFS partitions with replaced driver: there are no any content of partition displayed, just empty explorer window. And if to open the drive's properties, it does not show any information: FS is detected as unknown, size of drive is 0 bytes etc.


      In MS_ntfs.log there is many spam about unimplemented MmAllocateMappingAddress:

      WARNING:  MmAllocateMappingAddress at /ntoskrnl/mm/ARM3/pool.c:1392 is UNIMPLEMENTED!

      This routine has been already implemented by ThFabba in CORE-10147 (attached via patch). Indeed, that patch does not fix the issue completely, but at least much improves the situation. After applying it, when loading ReactOS with ntfs.sys replaced and any NTFS drives connected, it fails due to unimplemented CcRemapBcb in our cache controller (CC). Also during bootup there is some spam about unimplemented CcSetLogHandleForFile. After implementing these routines too, Microsoft NTFS driver finally loads properly in ReactOS and works as well. As with read support, same with write one. (as far as I tested)

      The patch with implementation of them is also attached: cc-ntfs.patch. PR will be follow soon.


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