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FactuSOL 2016 EV opens differently in GCC than in MSVC.



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    • 0.4.15
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      Note: Before trying the ticket, I recommend to the people that revise that issue to be patient because it's a really awful ticket and is delicate to reproduce it correctly, moreover because you have to try different compilation methods (GCC and MSVC) and needs lot of dlls working.

      • Bug explanation: The software that manages some databases, opens under GCC but doesn't under MSVC. After closing the software under GCC, the VM crashes as CORE-17872.

      MSVC: Same ver. but compiled with the MS2022.

      Steps to reproduce the issue common for them:
      0. Install ReactOS.
      1. Before install the software, install at least the vc6vb6hack.bat, the MDAC_TYP.exe (MDAC 2.8) in Windows 2000 compatibility mode twice and the Jet40SP8_9xNT.exe JET 4.0 SP8. All are available under Rapps. https://youtu.be/_IajcX4IBOE
      2. Reboot the computer.
      3. Set the regional options to Spanish (Spain) as here Regional options.png.
      4. Start the Factusol shortcut in Desktop. https://youtu.be/UdfI0NSWACQ

      Steps under GCC:
      5. Follow more or less the clicks in this video. It starts, but when you try to close it (the x button is hidden in this themed thing) or if you finish in a assertion (like the video I attached) or whatever the software, a pretty similar assertion like CORE-17872 (not exactly the same) appears and breaks the whole VM (that will be in a new ticket after investigations). https://youtu.be/U9HBMdTWraM
      Factusol 2016 EV - GCC (starts and crashes).log

      Steps under MSVC:
      5. The software will enter in an assertion that hangs the system. https://youtu.be/zEkVIIAwzLM
      Factusol 2016 EV - MSVC (doesn't start and crashes).log

      It's quite complex to reproduce, but I can't be more clear.




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