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OpenMPT crashes the ROS VM.



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      Software tested: OpenMPT-

      ROS ver.: reactos-bootcd-0.4.15-dev-3441-g67ad4e7-x86-gcc

      ONLY WITH GCC, it's not happening with the MSVC compiled version.

      Testing machine: VirtualBox machine under x64 Debian 10, Versión 6.1.24 r145767 (Qt5.15.2)

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Install ReactOS and install the software.

      2. At the end of the Setup wizard, or whenever, open the program. mptrack.exe will fail fatally and after asking for a Backtrace under my Minicom debugger, the VirtualBox machine dies in Guru Meditation.

      For your info, this crash happens when the software closes. It could happen with other MFC software too. It's related to the Baseadress in the file baseaddress_ole32, because if I revert the value 0x7ba30000 to the old 0x7bb80000, the issue won't appear (fixed or it's hidden?)

      What should be: Nor break the VM, at least. Ideal should be to work flawlessly.

      Guilty: reactos-bootcd-0.4.15-dev-2997 c6d08c48282b0b610b9e485efe88a1cbe33d3496 - https://git.reactos.org/?p=reactos.git;a=commit;h=c6d08c4

      Log: Open MPT Crash.log

      Bonus: Software's own crash report. OpenMPT Crash Files.7z

      Additional info: Wine compatible. I will add other ticket for other related issue.



        1. NTOS MM - undo c7e090.diff
          4 kB
        2. Open MPT Crash.log
          5 kB
        3. OpenMPT Crash Files.7z
          10 kB
        4. OPEN MPT DEBUG OLE.log
          33 kB
        5. OPEN MPT OLD DEBUG OLE.log
          32 kB
        6. OpenMTP - ROS after JIRA-12161.log
          41 kB
        7. OpenMTP - ROS ole32 old base.log
          43 kB
        8. OpenMTP - ROS with 2042f51.log
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        9. ROSrel OpenMPT working.webm
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