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Logoff doesn't work, partially implemented




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      Glitchy Login Window

      1. When I click log out from the start menu, the login window appears but my old desktop and even my open start menu remain. Either the screen is not being cleared or accounts aren't really implemented at all. It seems that logging in creates an instance of explorer and logging out closes your explorer. The password and username seem to be for restricting access to the explorer.

      2. When I log in, an instance of explorer is created which asks if I want MDI or SDI. Thats OK. What's not OK is that all it creates is an instance of Explorer, no taskbar or desktop. (You do see a taskbar and desktop but its just the image of the previous session that it forgot to clear. Also, closing the explorer window that logging in creates logs me out (I'm not sure if its a bug or if it's supposes to do that).

      3. ReactOS logo is not displayed properly in the logout window.

      4. Suggestion: Get rid of all the "Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete" stuff form the user account system. It was meant for high security servers and security isn't implemented anywhere in ReactOS except here. This is very annoying.

      Essentially user accounts need a lot of work.
      Tested on QEMU.


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