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Remove explicit comparisons with TRUE.




      Removing some 400 "== TRUE" and "!= TRUE" and replacing with safe coding
      in every part of the system, because a BOOL has (2^32)-1 TRUE values !!!

      I've patched all those potential errors against the current trunk.
      In most cases a simple removal of "== TRUE" was sufficient, however in
      asserts I replaced it with "!= FALSE", since that may be clearer when triggered.
      The only places I let it pass was in pure debug strings and comments.

      As this is a fairly extensive patch, I would very much appreciate if a
      prioritized regression test could be run by you guys who do such things,
      since this may actually fix some "mysterious" malfunctions, or introduce
      bugs that did not trigger in my alpha test.

      My own alpha test was limited to building and installing it on VMware Player 6,
      and concluding that "it appears to run without obvious malfunctions".
      Actually, when compared to a pre-patch build, one "mysterious" crash disappeared!

      I've limited the Components and Module lists to a few of the most important ones,
      but this reaches into practically every part of the system !

      Best Regards
      // Love


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