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Google Earth 7.x fails to connect to server




      In previous versions of ReactOS (e.g. 0.4.13) Google Earth used to run fine but on ROS 0.4.14 R24 it seemingly fails to connect to the Google Server after startup with otherwise identical VBox settings.

      To reproduce

      • Use VBox 5.1.x to 6.0.x (not 6.1 so far)
      • Enable 3D support in graphics settings
      • Just in case this is relevant: I chose the "PCnet-FAST III" network adapter,
      • Install ROS
      • After graphical setup, boot to safe mode and install VBox Additions with "Direct3D" support enabled.
      • Back in normal mode, install Mesa driver
      • Install Google Earth 7 using offline installer , e.g. 7.1.8. from here.

      On ReactOS 0.4.13 the application starts (in Direct3D mode) and the globe appears,
      On ReactOS ROS 0.4.14 RC24 after the applications starts, the window remains blank and checking the menu you will see that the application is not yet logged on to the Google server. Clicking the menu item for logon does nothing.
      A debug.log from that ROS version is attached.


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